On which devices can Ledger Live be installed?

The application is accessible on desktops and mobile devices compatible with the following operating systems: Windows. The application works with Windows 8 and above. The software can be downloaded and installed on both desktops and laptops.

Recommended: Windows 10 version for best performance.

macOS: Ledger Live is compatible with all desktops running macOS 10.10 and above. It is possible for a user to install the application: MacBook, iMac and Mac mini. The application is fully native, and there is no specific functionality that is not achievable by using the macOS interface.

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Linux. The application is compatible with the most popular Linux operating system distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux, and several others. The application can be run on Linux distributions by users who can easily set it to best fit the operating systems. iOS: On mobile devices with an iOS operating system, users who own an iPhone or iPad download the Ledger Live application very easily through the App Store. The app works starting with iOS 11.0. The user is able to directly manage his cryptocurrency assets via his mobile.

Android: Ledger Live is now available in the Android operating system and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The application supports Android 7 and newer. Android users can now manage their cryptocurrency assets through an interface that is both intuitive and user friendly, all from their mobile.

One is further expected to check the technical parameters for compatibility before installation. In case your PC or smartphone does not meet the requirements, there might be a problem during installation or subsequent usage of the software.

How to Download and Install Ledger Live

It is necessary to note that the installation procedure for portable devices and desktop devices slightly differs. To start working with the software from a PC, you will need to follow the next step-by-step algorithm: Open a web browser for any device and go to the official Ledger website.

On the homepage of the main site, you need to click on "Applications and Services" wherein you need to open the application by clicking on its name.

You must choose the version that corresponds to your operating system: either Windows, macOS, or Linux. After you click the link to download the Ledger Live app, simply wait for the file to download.

After the download is complete, click the installer file that was downloaded. Continue following the onscreen instructions for the installation. You are likely to get options and choices during installation that refer to additional components and other installations. Continue with the prompts according to your preferences.

Once the installation process is done, launch the Ledger Live app. During the first launch, you will either be required to set up a new account or log in with one that already exists.

After you have logged in, you will be guided in how you can interact with your cryptocurrency assets through the user-friendly Ledger Live interface. You just have to follow the application instructions, and you'll be good to set up your hardware wallet and start using it.

With the devices, download and installation is like in the case of the desktop. There is also a simplified option through the markets. The owner of iOS and Android just needs to go to the App Store or Google Play and to enter the name of the application into the search bar. Next you need to select the appropriate icon and complete the installation.

Features of Ledger Live


The main job to do for the developers was software that would consolidate in itself both security and key capabilities of handling cold wallets and their assets. All of this was implemented in the Ledger Live software. So, after downloading and installation, the user receives the following options:

Full control over your funds on cold wallets. You can manage currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and many others stored on your Ledger hardware wallet.

The user can send and receive the cryptocurrency directly from the Ledger Live interface, which needs only the recipient's address and the amount sent to be confirmed on the hardware wallet. The services of the third party are not needed.

The system supports the function of converting currency into coin, allowing you to easily convert some cryptocurrency into other cryptocurrencies right in the application. That is convenient for carrying out exchange operations without leaving the interface of the program.

You can manage many accounts at a time within a single application. Hence, an individual is able to take full control over all the assets from one device.

Ledger Live lets you know about every transaction sent and received so you can easily control your whole portfolio.

You are now able to manage installed applications on the hardware wallet right from the application interface. This means that one is able to add or delete cryptocurrency applications to accommodate new assets.

Multi-level encryption gives you one of the highest levels of data security. Moreover, your private keys are stored directly on your hardware wallet, so even in case of compromise of one of your devices, your funds are completely safe. And these are not all the options that will become available after downloading and installing Ledger Live on your desktop or portable device. It should be noted, that the software can be used from different devices at once. And at the same time, passwords of access will be different from any computer or smartphone because the software works locally. With the opened software, the balances and reports are similar thanks to data synchronization. The Ledger Live developers have done their best to make account management with cryptocurrency fast, convenient, and secure. For this, a bunch of step-by step instructions, guides, and videos have been created, describing in detail the basic features and their use. At the same time, there is a professional support team that works 24/7.